I am a 26 year-old archaeologist whose research focuses on 3D modeling, beads and maritime trade during the 1st millennium AD. I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Digital Design at the Glasgow School of Art.

I will look at beads from any time, any place, but most of my research focuses around the British Isles during the 1st-10th centuries AD. My hope is to deepen our understanding of intercultural interaction and changes in interaction over time through digital visualisation of the objects.

This blog is meant to serve as the primary primary publishing vein for my own research/notes, and I try to post as often as possible.  Much of what I post here is in the form of lab notes, general thoughts or brainstorming I’ve had/done throughout the week.  When I have papers that I can publish, however, I will also provide a copy here on the blog (provided I have the proper permissions).  I am of the opinion that scientific research should be accessible to everyone, and I plan to uphold that standard here.

Generally speaking, I try to post one article each week, though the PhD might change that plan. If you’re curious about my research, you can check out my Current Research page or head over to my profile at the Glasgow School of Art!

If you’re curious about something that I don’t have on here feel free to use the contact page or post a comment and I’ll see if I can help you out!


3 Responses to About

  1. Alison says:

    Hi Heather- glad to see you’re back working on beads. Good luck!

  2. mohan ramesh says:

    Hi Heather Christie, i like your beads research

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