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South African Glass

More recent research has been done on African glass, and my list is certainly not exhaustive, but I know of three main published sources for South African glass studies. One looks at beads form Mapungubwe and Bambandyanolo in the Limpopo Valley of South Africa and Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe. The second looks at beads specifically from Mapungubwe, and the third looks at sites from Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Continue reading

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East African Glass

There are two main areas in sub-Saharan Africa that feature prominently in glass studies: East Africa and South Africa. Unfortunately, there are not very many people looking at glass in sub-Saharan Africa and I haven’t actively searched for material related to sub-Saharan glass in several years, making these entries far less informative than some of my other regional summaries. Continue reading

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Chemical Analysis of Glass

One of the least well-known methods for analyzing glass beads is through the chemical composition of the glass.  Methods for glass chemical analysis have existed for almost a century, but until recently any beads used would be destroyed in the … Continue reading

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