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Spiral Beads

One of my favourite bead designs is the spiral bead. These beads are always wound and tend to be either normal, circular beads, triangular beads or (technically) hexagonal. They have anywhere between two and four spirals that radiate out until … Continue reading

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Swag Beads

Swag beads are probably my favourite type of design, largely because of the name. It really is a technical term, and I am all for bringing it back into popular usage in bead studies. Swag on a bead simply refers … Continue reading

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Faience Bead from Roxburghshire, Scotland

This faience bead (currently housed in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow) is the typical blue-green color of most faience beads (though I’ve seen some that are a darker green and others that are almost yellow or brown). The faience has … Continue reading

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South African Glass

More recent research has been done on African glass, and my list is certainly not exhaustive, but I know of three main published sources for South African glass studies. One looks at beads form Mapungubwe and Bambandyanolo in the Limpopo Valley of South Africa and Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe. The second looks at beads specifically from Mapungubwe, and the third looks at sites from Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. Continue reading

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