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Museum Highlights: National Museum of Scotland, Part 1

The National Museum of Scotland holds a very dear place in my heart, since I spent the majority of my MLitt dissertation working feverishly on the bead collections here. My first visit to the museum was actually for a class. … Continue reading

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Alert: Beads Can Change Color

Yes, you read that correctly: beads can change color. I’ve touched on this a little in previous posts, but let’s really look at the issue here. I don’t mean that the color changes depending on the light, like I talked … Continue reading

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Chinese Glass

In the past ten years or so, there has been an explosion of glass research in China, particularly concerning the origins of glass wares and glass technology. For much of the twentieth century, most Western sources agreed that glass and … Continue reading

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Faience Bead from Roxburghshire, Scotland

This faience bead (currently housed in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow) is the typical blue-green color of most faience beads (though I’ve seen some that are a darker green and others that are almost yellow or brown). The faience has … Continue reading

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Melon (Gadrooned) Beads

Gadrooned beads (most commonly known as melon beads) are another style that has been around for millennia. Melon beads are beads that have convex decorations around the edge that make it look a bit like a melon. Archaeologists tend to … Continue reading

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