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What is a Bead?

It’s occurred to me with all these posts about beads, I have yet to write a post that actually defines what a bead is. That’s a bit surprising, given how often people ask me this question, so here’s a post on … Continue reading

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Stringing in the Past 2

Sorry for the delay in my usual Thursday post. I was terribly ill yesterday, so it had to wait until today! Last week I talked a bit about stringing the past in terms of what people were using to string … Continue reading

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Stringing in the Past

What we use to string our beads is an incredibly important choice, and it was an important choice made by those in the past. Sometimes that choice is made by necessity, like my choice to use wire. Other times, it’s made out of artistic choice or the preference of the person purchasing the work. Still other times it depends on religious or spiritual reasoning or available resources or whatever the person can afford.

We spend so much time talking about the beads, let’s start remembering that the string is equally important. Continue reading

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