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3D Modelling Techniques

When we hear 3D modelling, we tend to think either that the model was created by hand in something like AutoCAD or by scanning an object with lasers to get its exact dimensions. But there are actually a number of … Continue reading

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Photography and Its Effects on Museums

I was doing a fair amount of reading this week and came across a chapter that discussed the overwhelming influence photography has had on art, history, and museums. You can see how it would have a large influence pretty easily, … Continue reading

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Stereoscopes and Archaeology

I’ve just started my PhD, which means this blog is about to get a LOT more active! If you’re curious about what my PhD is in, you can check out the longer description here. For now, I’m looking at finding … Continue reading

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Color and Lighting

I’ve mentioned a number of times how the lighting on or behind a bead can change its color. Black beads are actually cobalt blue, purple, green, or even hot pink when view with an LED light shining through. Brown beads … Continue reading

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Chinese Glass

In the past ten years or so, there has been an explosion of glass research in China, particularly concerning the origins of glass wares and glass technology. For much of the twentieth century, most Western sources agreed that glass and … Continue reading

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Southeast Asian Glass

Southeast Asia is one of the primary centers of archaeological study of glass in the world. The main reason for this is that not much else survives in the humid, wet, tropical conditions of Southeast Asia. Another large reason is … Continue reading

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Korean Glass

I am by no means an expert on Korean glass, and I won’t claim to be one here. I also haven’t looked at Korean glass as much as other regions, so please take this as a general summary rather than … Continue reading

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Scottish Marbled Beads

Scottish marbled beads (which is the best way I can describe them) are one of my favorite types that I’ve somehow come across. These beads consist of a translucent dark blue base with a secondary color marbled in. Since the dark blue base is translucent, it combines with the secondary color (yellow or red) to create a third color (green or purple, respectively) without adding a third color of glass. Continue reading

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Bead Materials

Beads can be made from a wide range of materials, from glass to plastic to shell to painted macaroni. Here’s a list of materials of beads we find in the archaeological record: Continue reading

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Glass Chemistry Cheat Sheet

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